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(from Team Pet Shop namahousou 07.17.2014)

96neko announcing tokuten for their album, but then she messed up and continued while doing a Lon impression… and then while she’s all screaming “I shouldn’t have done that I shouldn’t have” Kogeinu’s goes “Are you making fun of my angel?!”

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96Neko: Ne, sou-deshyo? 

96Neko: Hey, really?

(96Neko showing off her ib collection)

96Neko: Ko…kore wa hedoi…

96Neko: Th…This is horrible…

(A cat knocked over her collection)

【犬猫店長】 スイートマジックを歌ってみた - niconico →


Team Pet Shop (kogeinu, 96neko, vipTenchou) covered Junky’s “Sweet Magic”! It’s also a track from their collab CD!

"Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it."


there are times when 96neko’s singing is just so beautiful, and then there are times when you just wanna break out laughing

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kurivolt said: I just realized that you answered the 96neko thing I said lol no, I KNEW she was a real singer. I mean, I attend her live shows sometimes. I just mean, how did that person think she was a VOCALOID/UTAU? I mean, her voice is, no offense, ACTUALLY real


Ah well I guess some people are new to vocaloid/utauloid and didn’t do their research, or maybe because most of the videos on youtubes have vocaloid pics on them, which is why when utaites cover and uses the same video, the fans assume they are vocaloids/utauloids

Tbh I have no idea why they still get confused

Sorry for the misunderstanding by the way


what the heck 96neko is the greatest ever

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okay last liveblog thing before i sleep

iruno and 96neko about to sing “yukidaruma tsukurou” but then iruno went “elsa!” instead of like, nihongo “erusa! *door knocking sfx*” so 96chan’s all, “we’re singing the japanese version so why the english pronunciation of the name??!?” and iruno redid her part w

Anonymous said: k EL how do you color eyes?? like wow you make them so pretty wow i wished i had those eyes but how do you color them?


I actually don’t have a fixed awy of doing it HAHA I CHANGE IT EVERYTIME


Anonymous said: kel i know you probably hadn't posted any art with gas mask on it, but i wonder if you have some tips for me to draw the gas mask u_u










YEAH JUST REMEBER NOT TO DRAW IT TOO CLOSE TO THE FACE bc there’s actually a space between the mask and face IT’s not tightly fitted HOPE THAT HLEPS SORRY IT”S A SO SCRIBBLY I need to sleep 

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